Course Description – Pre-intermediate

Entry Requirements:

A pass in Elementary level or equivalent NZQA Foundation English course.


To prepare students for High School English to enable them to successfully integrate into a NCEA class at year 11, 12

Graduate Profile:

Graduates will have the following English language skills:

Student can use most common verb forms, modals and conditionals in complex sentences, both in writing and speaking, though this use is not consistent and is more common in written work. Can understand more natural spoken English and respond, in complete sentences with usually correct tenses.  A larger working vocabulary that extends to abstract ideas gives students of this level more confidence to communicate naturally and effectively with native and non-native speakers on a range of topics. Written and spoken speech will contain errors but be understandable by most.

Education pathway:

Graduates at Pre-Intermediate will be able to either gain entrance to a High School program at NCEA level 3 (IELTS 4.5) or undertake further study at Intermediate level.