External Advisory Group

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Peter Onneweer
English Teacher (NZCEL)

Peter Onneweer

I am a graduate of Auckland University with 20 years' experience in English language teaching both New Zealand and overseas. My own experience of studying languages in other countries gives me a unique insight into both how languages are acquired and the challenges faced by second language learners. I am passionate about my students' success.
Qiufen Cui
External advisor

Qiufen Cui

Qiufen Cui currently works as a Business Analyst at Venture Taranaki, a regional economic development agency. Her primary focus is on enhancing industry sector development for the region by bringing in a diverse range of economic statistics. Qiufen recently completed a Graduate Diploma in Business Information Systems from WITT in 2021. Prior to that, she has worked on numerous projects in IT and pharmaceutical companies in China. Qiufen's academic background includes a Bachelor's degree in English Education. She moved to New Zealand 3 years ago, her interest is outdoor activities especially snowboarding up to the mountains.
Rita Zhang
Rita Zhang is International Manager at Te Pukenga WITT, came to New Zealand in 2000 as an international student and has worked in the education industry since 2006. Rita knows the tasks that are required of international students in order to succeed and is committed to supporting students to achieve this. Her role is to help everyone in WITT International family to feel supported.
Dr Navdeep Kaur
Dr Navdeep Kaur, PhD, B. Com, M.B.A, M. Com, National Cert in Adult Education and Training, has worked in international higher education sector in New Zealand for more than 15 years. She believes in adopting innovative approaches and challenging the status-quo. She is always looking for opportunities to create a better experience for her team and the students she serves.