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The program will provide a meaningful pathway to either Further Education or Community Outcome.

Yes. The Beginner Level is designed specifically for absolute beginners.

This would depend on the students initial level of English and progress but it normally takes around 12 weeks at each level.

You will have 20 hours directed study and 5 hours self study.

All international students studying in New Zealand must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance. Your insurance cover must commence before you get on a plane to New Zealand and be valid at least until the date your visa expires. If you do not have insurance, NZEA will arrange an Orbit or a Southern Cross Travel Insurance policy for you. Insurance is compulsory for all international students studying at NZEA and will be charged automatically unless you show us proof that alternative insurance that complies with the Code of Practice has already been arranged.

Our orientation session aims to get you ready before you start your study. Orientation takes place on your first day of class at 9am and our student services team will give you all of the important information you need to be able to study at New Zealand English Academy effectively and successfully. It is important for every new student to attend our school orientation.

During orientation you will,

  • Get a school tour
  • Receive important documents like the school rules, class timetable and student handbook
  • Learn more about Auckland and Christchurch
  • Take your placement test
  • Take a photo for you student ID

Please make sure you bring you original passport, valid visa and valid insurance certificate with you, so we can fully process your enrollment.

Yes there are other fees, some of which only apply to certain options. See the chart below:

Fee Amount Conditions
Administration Fee NZD 200.00 Applicable to all students
Course Material Fee NZD 10.00 per week Applicable to all students
Airport Pick Up Fee NZD 100.00 Applicable only to students who need airport pick up
Homestay Placement Fee NZD 350.00 Applicable only to students who need homestay arrangement

Students are required to attend all their classes and arrive on time. If you are absent you must call the school before 11 am to explain. If you miss any of your classes without contacting us, our student welfare staff will follow up with you to check if everything is OK. If you are absent because of illness you must give us a doctor’s certificate. If your attendance drops below 90% you will be interviewed by our principal. If your attendance does not improve, you will receive the first official warning letter. After three warning letters, your course will be terminated and the Immigration New Zealand will be informed. This is likely to result in cancellation of your student visa.

Any application for a refund must be made on the appropriate form, available at reception. The applicant will be notified of the result of the application within 10 working days of receipt of the application.   Where a refund is approved, payment will be made to the student’s account or third party account agreed to by the student. All fees are received and refunded in NZ dollars. New Zealand English Academy is not responsible for any currency fluctuation between enrolment and issuing of refunds. Notification will be sent to Immigration New Zealand that the student has withdrawn.

International students are entitled to a refund as follows:

Courses of three months or more

If the course is of three months duration or more and the withdrawal occurs up to the end of the tenth working day after the first day on which NZEA requires the student to attend the establishment. In such cases NZEA may deduct up to 25 per cent of the fees paid, provided NZEA incurred costs to this amount and can justify these costs.   (As per section 235A(1)(a) and (b) of the Education Act and as set out in the Education (Refund Requirements for International Students) Notice 2012.)

Courses of five weeks or more but less than three months

If the course is of five weeks or more but less than three months and the withdrawal occurs up to the end of the fifth day after the start of the course. In such cases, NZEA must pay an amount equal to the fees paid less a deduction of 25 per cent. (As per section 235A(1)(c) and (d) of the Education Act.)

Courses under five weeks

If the course is under five weeks and the withdrawal occurs up to the end of the second day after the start of the course. In such cases, NZEA must pay an amount equal to the fees paid less a deduction of 50 per cent. However, if two days constitutes the full amount of tuition paid for by the student, NZEA may retain 100 per cent of the payment. (As per section 235A(1)(c) and (d) of the Education Act.)

No refund is provided if a student:

  1. is excluded from study at NZEA for any reason (including inappropriate behaviour, poor attendance or inadequate academic progress).
  2. wishes to transfer to another school after the refund period.
  3. has their enrolment cancelled because the enrolment application is found to be inaccurate in any way.
  4. has his/her visa/permit to study at NZEA cancelled.
  5. seeks a refund of fees that have been paid after the start of the course and outside the refund period above.


  1. If a student starts any course on an interim visa and their application for a student visa is declined, they are entitled to a full refund of fees paid less a deduction of the fees for the weeks they have studied.
  2. The first day of your course is shown on your offer of place letter.
  3. If NZEA is unable to proceed with the programme offered to a student, the tuition fee is refunded in full.
  4. If a student wishes to withdraw from homestay arranged through NZEA, they must provide at least two (2) weeks advance notice
  5. (either before they arrive in New Zealand or before the date on which they wish to leave the homestay accommodation).   Failure to provide this notice will result in two (2) weeks accommodation fees being forfeited. The homestay placement fee is non- refundable under any circumstances.
  6. If a student wishes to cancel a booked airport pick up, they must provide at least one (1) weeks’ notice before their arrival date and a full refund of the airport pick up fee will be given. Otherwise, the entire fee will be retained.
  7. NZEA will normally buy medical and travel insurance one week before the course start date for students who have paid their insurance fee at the same time as their tuition fee. A full refund of the insurance fee will be paid to the student if the student withdraws before the course starts. Students will be informed about the insurance fee refund policy if they request that NZEA buy the insurance earlier that one (1) week before the course starts.
  8. Notification will be sent to Immigration New Zealand that the student has withdrawn.

Yes, if you have good attendance and performance.

You can start a course every Monday.

Yes.  Ask for the password at reception.

NZEA’s teachers are experienced professionals with specialist qualifications in teaching English as a second language. They will work with you to make sure you get the most out of your studies. At NZEA, we are very proud of the quality of our teaching.

Yes, computers are available. Your teachers can recommend sites for you to continue your English study after class. You can also catch up on news from home or watch the latest videos on Youtube.

Please go to reception and our staff will help you. It is free to print/copy your passport, visa or an application form. If you have a lot of things to print, please discuss with our staff.

Canterbury International College participated in an External Evaluation and Review conducted by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority in 2015 which placed in Provider Category 2.

The statements of confidence were as follows:

NZQA is Confident in the Educational Performance 

NZQA is Confident in the Capability in Self-Assessment

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