New Zealand English Academy (NZEA) Strategy 2019 – 2022

The strategy involves the following team commitment:

1. A clear purpose is evident to all involved with NZEA.

2. Outcomes that have real value

3. Students as the primary focus

4. Highly effective teaching and learning

5. Supportive and effective management

6. Undertaking consistent quality self-review


Provide a supportive learning environment where students are placed first, are able to achieve academic success, personal growth, and follow a meaningful pathway to either Further Education or Community Outcome.


– To become a quality Cat #1 PTE with an international reputation

– To create an English learning program that prepares students for success

– To ensure our graduates follow a meaningful pathway to higher education or further their communication skills in English.

Our Strategy Plan

1. Student outcomes:

High achievement and high completion rates

Successful external IELTS examination

Acceptance into higher education programmes

Have always felt supported and guided

2. Quality provision:

Experienced and qualified teachers employed

Small class numbers

Individual programmes that cater for personal and academic needs

Superior teaching resources

Ongoing teacher internal and external professional development.

3. Effective management structure:

Quality internal review processes

Clear management responsibilities

Staff voice important